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If you want to share your location on Google Maps™, you can use Location Of's ‘My World GPS Tracker’ application to turn your LG Optimus Dynamic L38C into a real time GPS tracker. You will get a personal map page to share with friends and family or embed in your own website, so others can watch your movement in real-time.

What is it?

My World GPS Tracker is an application for mobile devices that records and logs routes, using the GPS and GLONASS positioning systems.
Routes can be plotted on your personal website in real-time, allowing others to watch as you go.

What can I do with it?

You can record, store, save and share routes you travel, either in real-time, or afterwards.

What do I need?

You need a mobile phone like the LG Optimus Dynamic L38C with GPS and an internet connection.

What does it cost?

Basic personal usage is completely free.

How to get started?

Get the application from Google Play Store.Android app on Google Play

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Version 20 for Android
Released Oct 19th 2014

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Frequently used by ..

Families and friends to follow each other
Companies to track their employees or vehicles
Sports fanatics, to track and log their workout

Can be used to ..

Show your friends and family where you are now, or where you have been
See where your friends are on the website
See what route you have travelled including distance and speed, etc.
Take pictures and put them on the map exactly where you've taken them
Put a map with your current location on your website or blog
Use a Quick Access Code to show others where you are right then

LG Optimus Dynamic L38C Real-Time GPS Tracking Example

This is an example of the results you may expect to see on the website while a LG Optimus Dynamic L38C with the GPS tracker application installed is moving.

Streetview will be shown wherever available, in sync with the data coming in from the gps tracker app on the mobile phone.
By starting the application on your LG Optimus Dynamic L38C, the phone submits gps locations live to the website where tracks can be watched on a map.
View an example Map page

Getting started with LG Optimus Dynamic L38C

Download Download the App »
Version 20 for Android
  1. Download the My World GPS Tracker app for LG Optimus Dynamic L38C
  2. Install the app on your device and create an account
  3. Log in to the website on a PC or Mac and watch your tracks online!

For more information read the How To and FAQ pages, or visit the Forum!