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Location Of's ‘My World GPS Tracker’ application turns your mobile phone into a real time GPS tracker.
Simply install the app on your phone to publish your tracks online, either live or afterwards.

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Available for Android and Symbian

Service Features

Simple and efficient mobile application
Both real-time and offline-mode tracking
Public and Private mode
Export your tracks as KML and GPX
(Up to five per month in free version)
History mode with unlimited retention
(Two weeks in free version)
Google™ Streetview support
Many supported devices
Low battery usage
Embed your map in your own website
Group and Fleet tracking

User Reviews

Perfectly Suitable For

Vehicle tracking ( Couriers and delivery services )
Recording and sharing holidays and day-trips
Day to day personal use
  • Daily commutes
  • Outdoor sports

GPS Tracking can be useful for all kinds of things. Whether you want to track employees or family members, or if you want to log routes you've travelled during your holiday, chances are a mobile phone plus the My World GPS Tracker application will do just what you want. If you have a compatible cell phone with internal GPS, there's no need to buy expensive hardware gps units that will virtually do the exact same thing; With the application, you can turn your cell phone into a real-time gps tracking device, that submits your present location to the website instantaneously, or, you could leave it running in offline mode whenever a network connection is unavailable, and upload your tracks and routes afterwards.

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